Vashon Island High School Varsity Volleyball v Chimacum 09/20/2018!

First home match of the 2018 season, for the coolest sport of them all!

Should be a pretty strong team this year: 7 Seniors and 3 Juniors!

Tech note: volleyball is *the* most difficult sport to shoot because it's so fast-paced in such a small area.

Add in that in the VIHS gym the only shooting position is on the far side of the court, shooting across the players and back into a sea of faces in the stands.

Focusing is a nightmare.

Started to experiment with Manual Focus here but as I get into the Third Game I can see I didn't check the focus distance I'd set often enough. The outside hitter on the left (closest to me) side is almost always out of focus.

The second match I shot (Annie Wright) should be better...

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