The Project: an original musical by Vashon Island High School Drama 2016 - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

The Project: an original musical

Vashon Island High School Theater Arts 2016

Crew: Writen and Directed by Hannah Fellbaum Music Written and Directed by Kate Atwell Band: Kate Atwell, Payton Lieske, Quinn McTighe Produced by Jevne Meyers Choreographed by Julianna Steffens Set Designed by Mary Lawrence Tech Directed by Hazee Montgomery Stage Managed by Madeline Franchi Light Designed by Seamus Rohe Follow spot: Madi Storms Sound Tech: Micheal Scowcroft Sound Board Operated by Seamus Rohe-Spring

Cast: Teddy Westphal as Caroline Adams Aria Garrett as Adelaide Stevens Nathan Anderson as Garrett Adams Marisa McTighe as Louisa Stevens Madison McCann as Anna Bryn Gerry Gerrior as Casey Jack Kelly as Jeremy Maria Valls as Marie Maria Gilmour as Carmen Bella Kilpatrick as Stella Andrews Talia Roybal as a Featured Dancer

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