Honoring Mary Matsuda Gruenewald - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

Honoring Mary Matsuda Gruenewald.

The Matsuda family were long-time Vashon Island residents, owning and operating a strawberry farm on Vashon Island. Mary was a Vashon Island High School junior when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941.

On May 16, 1942 Mary, Mary's family and all the other Japanese families on Vashon Island were placed into "protective custody" at an internment camp in Idaho..

Mary never graduated from Vashon Island High School with her Class of 1943.

74 years later, Mary received her Vashon Island High School diploma and a copy of the Class of 2017 yearbook at the Vashon Island High School Class of 2017 graduation ceremony!

Historical references from Vashon History dot com, here:  Mary Matsuda Gruenewald

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