Update: before first Girls Soccer, and Yikes! Stripes! - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

Pretty amazing how quickly the new Vashon Island Track and Field is just becoming part of the district facilities that just gets ... used.

Vashon Island High School Girls Varsity Soccer played its first home match on the new field on Monday, September 17, and pummeled our old buddies Charles Wright 10-0

The track was striped Wednesday, September 19

On Thursday September 20, VIHS Cross Cross Country was practicing on the newly-striped track

I've already heard mention of one group of adults who might pull together an impromptu 4x100 group just to fun-run after hours or on weekends

Anyone who thought this facility was not needed or wouldn't get used for anything more than football is nuts, and knows nothing about Vashon Island as a community...

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