Bonus: New VIHS Baseball/Fastpitch Batting Cages at the Chautauqua covered play area - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

Full disclosure: I did *not* follow the entire VIHS Baseball / Fastpitch new batting cages discussion in any detail.

As I vaguely remember, funding and/or permitting issues prevented new batting cages from being built over at Jim Martin/Mariner Field where -- let's face it -- they belong.

Dunno what happened...

...but (and I'm guessing here) some bright bulb went something like "Hey! I know! Let's just hang batting cages over at the Chautauqua covered play area! Nothing happens there after school anyway!"

I worked on the playground at Chautauqua Elementary School for five-and-a-half years as a Campus Monitor.

The idea that there's nothing going on (of any importance, and there may be the key point) in the covered play area after school is nonsense.

At the very least, Vashon Youth and Family Services runs its "Vashon Kids" after-school program.

So those kids are going to get run out of the covered play area every spring so high school kids can trek (and its no short distance) all the way across the District campus to do batting practice.

Not an optimal "solution" -- for anyone...

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