Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts through the years - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

About: "The Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts is the Northwest's premiere vintage motorcycle collector and enthusiast's club. Founded in 1982, the club is dedicated towards the promoting of motorcycle safety and awareness, as well as the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of classic motorcycles from the past and present."

The VME is a quasi-secret event (AFAIK publicized within the group only, although this year Kevin @ Ace Hardware let the cat out of the bag in a Dog Days blurb on Facebook) held on some unknown weekend toward the end of summer on Vashon Island.

For most people, the only clue it's happening is the sudden appearance of thousands (it seems like) of motorcycles on the dock at Fauntleroy on a random Sunday, or the majorly increase in motorcycle traffic on Island roads.

Personally, I think it's really neat. Right up there with Engels Car Show in August and the Tom Stewart Car Parade and Show at Festival. But then, that's just me...

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