One Nitestand at the Beer Garden Festival Saturday 2018 - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

One Nitestand (or OneNiteStand or One Nite Stand) at the Beer Garden, Vashon Island Strawberry Festival Saturday, 2018

From  Vashon Events:

"OneNiteStand is a long-time island band with more rocking tunes and incredible new vocals by Arlette Moody – and the good news is, they’re ready to show off the new polish!

This band is ‘nothin’ but rock & blues with the emphasis on classic rock tunes as well as some originals sprinkled in there.

Arlette’s voice certainly fits the bill of a powerful entertainer and vocalist!

You’ll be saying “Oh yeah!” when you hear the band!

Can Blues/rock be this much fun? It is for the players and it will be for you when you join this band of musicians who will be playing the Strawberry Festival, 2018.

They’ve all got blues chops, from growling it to flat-out rockin’.

And wait ‘til you hear Arlette! She is a new addition to the band and has that soulful sound that will make you wish for more!.

They’ve been playing for a long time and have musical histories too long to mention here.

The all-island players present a nice mix of talent: Luke’s guitar screams the blues like a down-hearted frail and goes raw at just the right times. And when he sings, he knows most of the words too. Amazing!

Our horn player, Slab, will pump out horn lines, solos and general foolishness if prompted.

Gib, well, has that strong backbeat that keeps things smoking as he’s laying down the beat.

Percussionist Fletcher creates those additional rhythmic pulsations that enhances Gib’s driving sounds.

Tony Mann will be adding that color that only keys can do!

Ainslie lays down our bottom end with enthusiasm and oomph!

Arlette will blow you away with the power and clarity of her great voice!

And lastly, Lonesome Mike Nichols will be playing some smokin’ harp licks that’ll tantalize everyone listening!

Make sure you hear him playing on 6 Miles To Fairlee!

You’ll love OneNiteStand and you won’t forgive yourself if you miss this. See you there!"

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