Video: the Van Redeker Band feat Daryl Redeker at the Beer Garden, Festival Friday 2018 - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

OK: so this is a test, only a test.

Video shot with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, hand-held. Which is pretty obvious.

Lots of pretty videos have been shot with the EOS series of still cameras, but ... yeah.

Manual focus, but my eyesight doesn't let me focus on the back-paned LCD so I set the focus distance and hope for the best.

Exposure: probably f5.6 for a little more depth-of-field and probably 200th/sec for a little sharper single-frame image.

On the 1D Mk IV audio is *entirely* automatic: there's not even any way to set the audio gain as there is on the 5D Mk II -- in fact, one of the first improvements Canon recommends when shooting video with the EOS series is to immediately use a separate video mic jacked into a separate audio mixer, and then into the camera's audio input jack. I do have a Rode mic *and* and audio mixer, but didn't have either with me. So on-board, in-camera microphone.

Post-processing in Adobe Premier Pro CC for exposure (the Lumetri color plugin) and the Vocal Enhancer, Treble and Bass plugins for audio. I cut the audio peaking to -3.0 dB for the entire clip.

I have *no* idea what I'm doing with audio post-processing, but most of the time it seems to come out OK...

Finally this is an experiment with uploading videos straight to SmugMug and avoiding the Google / YouTube monopoly monolith entirely. That seems to have worked.

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