Publish the Quest: Concerts in the Park @ Ober Park August 2017 - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

From  Vashon Events: "On Thursday, August 17th, we are excited to bring you Publish The Quest.

As a teenager, Jacob Bain routinely snuck off to play his guitar and hang out in a little bootleg cabin in the middle of the woods known as Troll’s Cottage on Vashon where he was raised. A haunt for old hippies and eccentric musicians, Troll’s Cottage became his second home for a few years, and a hub for young local musicians encountering the world’s music.

Enthralled by Fela Kuti, Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, and Ali Farka Toure. Bain tried to emulate the West African licks, the sounds of the mbira, or thumb piano, on his guitar, to capture the rhythms. This fascination became a quest of its own, one that eventually took Bain to Africa, where he met many of his idols and dove deeper into the music.

While African rhythms set the pulse of Publish the Quest’s blend of electric hip hop pop, Southeast Asia has shaped the band’s lyrics and perspective. “Don’t Point That Gun at Me” and “You Never Know Who You’re Gonna Meet” recount actual experiences in Thailand and Burma.

His stories thump and lilt about fear and violence, watching friends fall deeper into debt, and a system that takes and takes, but Bain also expects experiences to knock him off his feet and change the way he thinks.

He “asks for peace, to extend the love, to build it up again, to take a stand—and if there are problems, to solve them.”

Whether you're there to dance or listen, Publish The Quest is a band you don't want to miss!"

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