Wooden Boat Repair and Aurora Bridge Views 1977 - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

Seattle Washington, 1977

A 26 foot Blanchard replica that I co-owned with a couple other people undergoes a haul-out and repair at at shipyard on the Fremont Ship Canal.

We repaired some rot where the mast was stepped and completely redecked her, and finished off with an entirely new paint scheme in dark green and tan.

The hull was uncaulked 1 inch square clear cedar, strip-planked. Being uncaulked and strip-planked it had to hang in the sling when we put her back in for 24 hours to let the cedar planks swell shut. The last few photos show the flooded interior of the hull right after it went in.

Then, while the boat was out I took a side trip out across the Aurora Bridge and back, catching the view. Sharp eyes will notice the Twin Teepees and one snapshot of mid-1970's Gasworks Park as it was in the old days.

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These are all Ektachrome slides.

These were scanned using an Epson Perfection 800 photo scanner pretty much manually: I cropped around each slide in the 12-slide holder individually, and saved them all as tiffs at 4800 ppi.

Postprocessing was done in Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Classic, mostly for minimal croppping and to extend the overall dynamic range in the highlights and the shadows, and to pull down the black levels a bit. Also did a little bit of color correction.

The final images were uploaded directly out of Lightroom using the Lightroom/SmugMug "Publish Services" plugin.

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