The US Bicentennial Granite Falls Washington 1976 - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

OK so there's a lot of story here.

I moved to Seattle in 1975 and was living with some California transplants in a house on Queen Anne; bought my own house down in Skyway south of Rainier Beach, and was working for the Seattle Department of Arts and Recreation at the Seward Park Art Studio teaching pottery.

So almost all of my friends were Seattle art scene people from Seward Park Art Studio, Pottery Northwest at the Seattle Center, the Pratt Fine Arts (glass blowing) Center (also run by the City of Seattle) and the new (then) Pilchuck Glass School. Many of them were gay; I worked at Shelly's Leg at the Foot of Main (Google it) as a carpenter and knew a couple gay guys (Lorn and Donnie) who sold antiques out of Stanwood, WA.

Anyway, this is glass artist Tom Miller's (Seward Park Art Studio and Pilchuck Glass School) house out in Granite Falls. The US Bicentennial, 1976.

We decorated a truck for the Bicentennial Parade in Granite Falls (or something...) smoked a lot of dope and drank a lot of wine, had a potluck, and ended up going skinny-dipping (some of us ;) ) in the Pilchuck river later on.

Fun times...

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