Climbing Mount Olympus Washington, fall 1975 - John Sage :: FinchHaven Digital Photography

Background (such as I recall it):

OK, full disclosure: we didn't actually *summit* Mount Olympus itself. The last photo shows what we had left, or how close we got, your call.

A two-night, three-day hike, starting down on the Hoh River. With buddies Bill and Paul.

Glacier Meadows, Blue Glacier, East Peak, Middle Peak.

We used crampons, ice axes and ropes out on the Blue Glacier, but forty years later I don't recall it as being that big a deal.

And there's one inexplicable photo of my dog Sisu lying on a snow field. I can't imagine I took him with me, but he was Sisu (the smartest, most ... competent dog I've ever known) and I was me, so maybe I did.

Ektachrome slides. Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom CC Classic, with some color correction here and there...

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