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Since 1999, John Sage's FinchHaven Digital Photography of Vashon Island Festivals and Classic Car shows, Vashon High School sports, and Vashon Island walkabouts throughout the year!

History was made on Saturday May 25, 2019: Vashon Island High School Boys Soccer first place in Washington state WIAA Division 1A soccer! Vashon Vultures Lacrosse first place in Washington High School Boys Varsity Lacrosse!

Finished, with video:  Engels Car Show 2018

New additions to  The FinchHaven Archives

Two Walkabouts:  Fall Color 2017

About me:

About me: although I've been taking photos since I was seven or eight in Southern California (my father was a reporter/photographer for a SoCal newspaper, the Pasadena Star-News in the 1950s) I didn't get really serious about my own photography until I was in college at Cal State Long Beach, where I was an art major.

There I worked on the Art Gallery crew and as a Graduate Assistant, where I became responsible for all the Art Gallery graphic design (anyone remember blue-line board and Letraset?) for mailers and catalogs, and all the photography of the shows, both during installation and of the finished show after it was installed and lit.

Kept shooting photos as I became a potter in the early 1970's and moved to Seattle (1975) and later to Vashon Island (1979).

Started my first web site in 1995 and set up my domain name,, in 1998.

Went digital in about 1999-2000 with a Sony Mavica; then a Canon Powershot Pro 90 IS; now two Canon bodies (a 5D Mk 2 and a 1D Mk 4) and three L-series lenses. Most recently added a Canon Cinema EOS C100 when I got tired of trying to coax video out of the 5D Mk 2.

Post-processing entirely in the Adobe Creative Cloud via Lightroom CC 2015 on a Win 7 box I custom-built myself from parts.

My original web site is here: and has Vashon Island celebrations and Vashon Island High School sports (and other Vashon youth sports) going back to about 2000.

My video work is on YouTube here: TheFinchHaven

I'm on Twitter as @FinchHaven here: FinchHaven Photos. Follow me for current updates on what I'm shooting and what I've just put up here.

And I'm on Facebook here as   John Sage  and here as  FinchHaven Digital Photography  (it's Facebook, so of course you'll have to be on Facebook yourself and log in...)

As of August, 2011, "FinchHaven" is a registered trademark: FinchHavenâ„¢

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